Achva Halva Mini Snack Bag, 7.6 Ounce – HALVA MINI SNACK BAG, 7.6 OUNCE

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Halva Snacks Made to Be Savored by Achva

When you bake a big batch of halva, you may feel like you have to finish it fast to prevent staleness from spoiling it. All too soon, your halva is gone—and you haven’t truly savored it. Quit rushing through your candy. Instead, enjoy it at your leisure with individually wrapped Halva Mini Snacks by Achva, the original Halva since 1929. Containing vanilla, pistachio, and cocoa bean bars, the 18-pack assortment allows you to surrender to their sweetness—without the rest going bad. Just be sure to store them in the fridge!

A Recipe for Dietary Restrictions
No need to scour the ingredients list searching for irritants. Sink your teeth into certified-kosher sweetness that contains no lactose or gluten! But please be advised that your Achva Israeli food products from Israel are made with sesame, pistachio, soy, sulfates, and may contain traces of walnut, pistachio, hazelnut, almonds, cashews, coconut, and peanuts

A Treat to Your Health

Your Halva Mini Bars aren’t just delicious. They’re nutritious, too! You don’t have to feel too guilty about their sweetness since they nourish your body with fiber and contain no cholesterol.

Versatile Variety Pack

Have your halva bars any way you like them! Their mouthwatering taste and texture are great when:

  • Paired with your morning tea of coffee (or afternoon—we’ve been there)
  • Crumbled and sprinkled over ice cream
  • Topped on a parfait
  • Added to cheese spreads for rich refinement
  • And more!

    A Sweet Gift

    Know someone with a sweet tooth that’s never satisfied? Pamper their palate with Halva Mini Bars by Achva. From their savory smoothness to their fine flavors, the candy is sure to become a fan favorite.

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