Gurme212 Premium Turkish Grape Leaves 32 Oz – TURKISH GRAPE LEAVES 32 OZ

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Grape Leaves, Water, Salt, Acidity Regulator, Preservatives. Contains Sulphur

About this item

Brand GURME 212
Item Form Leaves
Unit Count 32.0 Ounce
Specialty Organic
Package Information Jar
  • Ready to stuff premium gourmet type Grape Leaves produced in Gurme212's high tech and green factory in Turkey
  • Rich in Fiber, Iron, Vitamins A and C, Calcium
  • Drained weight 16 oz
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Product Description

Sustainably produced Mediterranean delicacies

Grape leaves make up a part of Mediterranean and Vietnamese cuisines. The leaves count towards your weekly recommended intake of dark green veggies – 2 cups for men or 1.5 cups for women, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Grape leaves provide a rich source of essential nutrients.

✔ Gurme 212 is a reputable brand of EkoFood factory in Akhisar, Turkey; 90 km from Izmir city.

✔ Factory is specialized in conventional organic IQF oven semi dried, sun dried, char-grilled dehydrated vegetable / fruit production. High-tech machinery allows the products to be produced without any human touch with full machinery use in closed hygiene environment.

✔ Quality management of farming is also done by the company agricultural engineers. Raw products are purchased as per yearly contracts directly from producers (farmers).

✔ All necessary microbiological, physical and chemical testing of raw and final products are made by Eko Lab and third party institutes.

✔ First food production facility in Turkey powered 100% with Solar Energy

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Grape Leaves


  • Stuffed Vine Leaves with rice
  • or just Grape Leaves
  • Single or multi pack


Sun-dried Tomatoes


  • 8 oz vacuumed packs
  • 1 or 10 pack




  • Roasted Tomato Dip
  • Cherry Pepper Dip
  • Capers & Black Olive Dip
  • Chili Walnut Dip


Fire Roasted Peppers and Eggplant


  • In jars or bigger cans
  • Single or multi pack


Gurme 212 features

Non-GMO 100% solar powered Certifications Innovation


“GMO” stands for Genetically Modified Organism, and refers to plants, animals or other organisms whose genetic material has been changed in ways that do not occur naturally. Gurme 212 produces it's products with ingredients grown from non-GMO seeds.

100% Sustainable

Ekofood's factory in Akhisar, Turkey is the first food production facility in Turkey powered 100% with Solar Energy.

BRC Food Certificate

We strive at all times to be 100% safe and compliant. Our customer’s expectations are high, so our facilities maintain a globally recognized food safety standards.

Innovation in Gurme 212

Gurme 212 has a dedicated Innovation Manager and Team to continuously strive for better and new products. It is the reason that Gurme 212 products have an exceptional taste and flavor.




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