Kettle & Fire, Tomato Soup With Chicken Bone Broth, 16.9 Oz – Tomato Soup With Chicken Bone Broth, 16.9 Oz

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kettle and fire bone broth organic soup

Whole-Food Collagen The Best Bones 14+ Hour Simmering Keto-Friendly

Clean, Comforting Classics

We’ve created a special line of soups that give classic favorites (like Tomato and Butternut Squash) a clean ingredient upgrade. No sketchy additives or artificial sweeteners. Just real, actual food.

Bone Broth Enhanced

All of our soups are made with a full serving of slow-simmered chicken bone broth for a robust, savory taste you’ll crave again and again. Not to mention 10 grams of collagen!

Easy 5-Minute Prep

Busy? On the go? You can enjoy a steamy bowl of soup in practically no time. Just heat for 5 minutes on the stove (or less time in the microwave if you prefer.)

Chef-Crafted Flavors

Our soups come from a brain, not a boardroom. Our master chef personally creates unique flavors inspired by the far corners of the world, as well as familiar favorites we all love.

Bone Broth

The Perfect Soup When You Really Need It

Skip the drive-thru. Close that delivery app. This is the soup for when you’re craving something warm and delicious, but you’re low on time – and you don’t want to sacrifice clean nutrition.

When life gets in the way, enjoy a hearty bowl that makes you feel good in five minutes flat.

Bone Broth Benefits

How to Enjoy Kettle & Fire Soups?

soup soup broth soup

Sustainable Cartons to Enjoy at Home or On-The-Go

Packable, portable, and perfectly-portioned no matter where you are. Keep your cabinets stocked (2 year shelf life*), or carry to work or when you travel.

Avoid making bad choices in a pinch and opt for the fast-and-easy choice that’s also good for you!

*Packaging is made with paperboard from FSC(R)-certified forests and other controlled sources (Tetra Pak FSC(R) C014047).

Enjoy When You Need a Pick-Me-Up

Whether you’re not feeling so hot, or just need something that’s easy on your tummy, our soups are hearty enough to keep you full, but gentle enough to soothe whatever ails you.

The mouthwatering flavors don’t hurt either.

Enjoy When You’re Tired of the Same Old Stuff

If you’ve been meal-prepping and making the same few recipes for a while now, these soups are the perfect way to shake things up.

Restaurant-quality flavors give you something different to enjoy no matter what you’re in the mood for!

broth and bone broth

Why Should I Eat These Soups?

Because each one is lovingly crafted with organic veggies and delicious chicken bone broth, and taste better than anything that comes from a can or the freezer.

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