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From crop to cup our tea undergoes a long, intricate journey. Our teas come from the world’s finest tea gardens, and we taste our selected teas repeatedly every step of the way. The journey ends with our masterful tea blenders, who create the finest teas to be enjoyed by tea lovers everywhere. We are passionate about inspiring the love of tea. ‘Tea Artistry’ comes to life by our commitment to the creative craft, standards of excellence, and our blending precision. We select tea from the world’s finest tea gardens and nurture our relationships with suppliers to deliver ethical business practices. Our mission is to inspire kindness. We believe in giving unconditionally, with kindness and respect. Our task can never be truly complete, so we are seeking new ways for compassion and ethical values. These values will be used in our business practices so we can give back to those who need it most.

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Our bestselling Earl Grey blend is essential for high tea. For this blend, our Tea Masters balance teas from East Africa and India. They use a high proportion of quality Kenyan leaves to give the brew its lively, brisk flavor. Ahmad Tea was built upon the quality of teas that it produces and has accepted 22 Great Taste Awards.

  • Ingredients – Black tea flavored with a high dose of bergamot. Naturally caffeinated & sugar free.
  • Origin – Malawi, Kenya *Subject to change due to seasonal variations.
  • Brew Time – Infuse for 3-5 minutes. Sip as is or add a slice of lemon if so desired.
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