NaturSource, Organic Salad Topper, 32 Ounce – ORGANIC SALAD TOPPER, 32 OUNCE

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Product Description

naturSource Organic Salad Topper

Organic Smart Life

The ideal companion to your salad. Organic Salad Topper Smart Life is a tart and savory mixture of organic ruby red cranberries and seeds that will bring your salad to new heights of flavor and nutrition. Creating a deliciously healthy and filling salad has never been this convenient. Just throw a handful of Salad Topper Smart Life on your favorite lettuce, add dressing, toss together and enjoy!

Not only delicious, it’s good for you too. With Smart Life, you’re taking a smart step towards quick, healthy nutrition. Our seeds are dry roasted, not fried in oil, and all of our ingredients are free of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. With the added benefit of being low in sodium, you can enjoy Smart Life without feeling guilty. Don’t be fooled by its name – it’s great on side dishes and is a delicious snack all on its own.

Salad Topper Smart Life includes:

  • Dried cranberries to add a light, chewy brightness
  • Sunflower seeds dry roasted in tamari soy sauce for a crunchy, lightly salted, tangy flavor
  • Pumpkin seeds for mild sweetness and crunch

Commitment to Quality

Part of the charm of naturSource is that we are a small batch manufacturer. We have spent over 35 years perfecting our ability to consistently produce high quality products using new technology and traditional methods. We are proud of our ability to give each batch individual attention, delivering high quality products that are produced with TLC. Trust us, you’ll taste the difference.

As a food manufacturing company, quality is our top priority. Quality isn’t only about taste, it’s about safety too! The safety of our consumers is paramount to us and we take every step possible to ensure that our products are safe to eat.

Our QA team monitors our systems, processes and batches every day to ensure we:

  • Adhere to the promise of our brand
  • Exceed industry production standards
  • Maintain rigorous sourcing practices


Our Growers

Farming comes first. We look for growers who share our love of the earth and understand that to nurture the earth is to nurture ourselves and those we care about. It takes a special kind of person, often an entire family, to dedicate themselves to the cycle of nature, nurture and nutrition. We respect their commitment and their passion for joining with the land to create and harvest the best that nature has to offer. We cultivate and maintain our relationships with them as carefully as they cultivate and maintain the crops which give rise to the produce we purchase from them.

Our Ingredients

We always pick top tiers of varieties, grade and size. Exactly what you’d expect from a premium quality product. Each ingredient that goes into our products has been meticulously sourced from a multitude of suppliers around the globe. Not all nuts, seeds and dried fruit are created equal, and we take pride in our ability to find the absolute best for our products. Our sourcing and QA teams ensure that each supplier meets our rigorous food safety and quality standards so that our finished products are great tasting and safe for you to eat.

About Us

Started by Garry and Trudi Oberfield in 1980, naturSource is family-owned and operated. For almost four decades, their dedication to creating quality, natural, and healthy foods has grown a strong company that continues its commitment to creating wholesome snacks that will please generations for years to come. Growth takes time, patience and energy, whether growing a company or impeccable crops of seed plants, nuts, or fruits. We thank you for partnering in our business as our customer and for enjoying our products.

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