Maple Grove Farms, Strawberry Flavored Syrup, 8.5 Ounce – STRAWBERRY FLAVORED SYRUP, 8.5 OUNCE

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A Century Of Goodness: The Maple Story

Since 1915

When Helen Gray and Ethel McLaren started crafting maple candy on their family farm in 1915, there was no telling how sweet their tale would turn out to be. Their not-so-secret secret ingredient? 100% pure maple syrup sourced from the sap of surrounding maple trees.

It wasn’t long before these handmade maple confections drew countless fans to the Vermont countryside and grew into what is now Maple Grove Farms. More than a century later, our roots are still firmly planted in maple as we also branch out to delicious new places.

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Our pure maple syrup is made with one simple ingredient, and our standards rise higher than even the tallest maple tree. Our pancake and waffle mixes—sugar-free and gluten-free options, too— were the natural next step after perfecting our famous syrups. Our passion for flavor now transcends the breakfast table with premium dressings fit for every meal, occasion and taste.


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Maple Grove Farms of Vermont had sweet beginnings over 86 years ago when Helen Gray and Ethel McLaren began perfecting maple confections on the family farm. These delicious sweets soon had many customers far and wide and the growth led to our existing brick plant. We are proud to be the largest packer of Pure Maple Syrup in the USA, one of the largest manufacturers of Maple Candies in the world, and a national producer of gourmet specialty salad dressings. We’ve done Helen and Ethel proud! You already love Maple Grove Farm’s syrup so why not drizzle it over scrumptious homemade pancakes or waffles? We want to make this an easier decision for you so we have our very own pancake and waffle mixes, the perfect addition to a classic country breakfast. Maple Grove Farms Organic Pancake and Waffle Mix has no artificial color, flavor or preservatives added. Our pancake and waffle mix are ground by master millers who hand select the best grains.

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