Eden, Mirin, Rice Cooking Wine, 10.1 Fl Ounce – Mirin, Rice Cooking Wine, 10.1 Fl Ounce

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Eden Japanese Mirin Rice Cooking Wine

eden Kirin rice cooking wine

Pure and Purifying

Founded in 1968, Eden Foods is America’s senior natural foods company. The creation and Maintenance of Purity in Food. Eden foods are the authentic alternative to commercial food. The purest, best tasting grain, beans, fruit, and vegetables from known and trusted growers.

Eden Mirin, Rice Cooking Wine

Japanese Ajino-haha Grade, Traditionally Brewed, 10 fl oz Glass Bottle

Eden mirin is traditionally made in Japan using California grown Lundberg Family Farm organic brown rice. A staple condiment, it is said to be the left hand of Japanese cooking while shoyu (soy sauce) is the right. A slightly sweet, umami, vinegar flavor profile balances well with the saltiness of shoyu to create complex flavors. Popularized in Japan’s highest and most elegant cooking style, ‘kaiseki’, or tea ceremony cuisine, mirin provides a staple addition to many recipes.

  • Traditional koji fermented Mirin from Japan made from Lundberg, California organic short grain brown rice
  • Mirin and Shoyu are the right and left hands of Japanese cooking.
  • Pure, Eden Mirin seasoning enhances the taste of food.
  • Mirin cooking efficacy and sweetness is from microbiological conversion of rice carbs into sugar and proteins to peptides. Fermentation is stopped before the sugars become alcohol.

Japanese kaiseki eden mirin

Ajino-Haha Traditional Japanese Mirin

Eden Mirin is an essential of dashi, the Kombu-Shoyu-Mirin broth base of soup, stew, noodle broths, and cooking liquids. It is a transformative cooking ingredient. Mirin (yin) pairs with Shoyu soy sauce (yang) and Kombu seaweed for this unique staple of Japanese cooking. Mirin, like shoyu, creates the umami taste and kombu enhances it. The most common Dashi broth is a simmered blend of kombu, shiitake, mirin, and shoyu. Mirin is also a superlative marinade for protein entrées. Mirin is used in dressings, sauces, and many different cooking styles.

As in all food categories, there is a range of quality and value from good to poor. Eden Ajino-haha grade Mirin contains a small amount of added salt so that it is not considered an alcohol. Eden Mirin is less than 10% alcohol which evaporates when heated in cooking.

In traditional mirin making, organic brown rice is washed, steamed, cooled, and mixed with koji Aspergillus oryzae. The inoculated rice is placed in a controlled atmosphere koji room for three days. It is stirred daily to ensure growth of the koji. Once the koji has matured, more rice and water are added to form a rice wine mash that ferments in vats for 60 days. Additional steamed rice, koji, water, and salt are then added and fermentation continues for another 90 days. After completed fermentation, the mash is pressed through cotton to separate the liquid from the fiber. Finished mirin is heated for 3 to 4 seconds as it is bottled.

Mirin has evolved over the past 500 years from rice wine and sake mixtures, to the more precise koji fermented liquid seasoning that it is today. Recently, poor quality, imitation mirin is common. It is from high fructose corn syrup, glucose, GMO koji enzyme, preservatives, and chemicals. Labelled as mirin, they do not taste or perform at all like mirin and are not what people are seeking. They are cheap.

Eden Mirin is low in sodium and carbohydrate. This Mirin’s sweetness is from koji fermented rice and is of a unique quality in the form of maltose. It contains healthy sugar, amino acids, organic acids, and peptides.





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