Bob’s Red Mill Whole Grain Teff, 24 Oz – WHOLE GRAIN TEFF, 24 OZ

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Bob’s Red Mill Whole Grain Teff

With a mild, nutty flavor and lots of calcium, protein and fiber, whole grain teff is a great addition to porridge, stews, pilaf or baked goods. Cooked whole grain teff makes a unique hot breakfast cereal similar in consistency and texture to wheat farina. Teff can be made into polenta, added to veggie burgers, cakes, cookies, breads and injera. Delicious and quick cooking, teff is a wonderful way to replace refined grains with something a bit exotic. It cooks up in just 15-20 minutes, making it a convenient part of a gluten free lifestyle—or of anyone who wants to add whole grains to their diet!

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Product Description

Bob’s Red Mill Whole Grain Teff is the smallest grain in the world (actually, it’s a seed!), but it carries some serious nutrition. 7g of protein per serving to keep you satisfied, plus fiber, iron, calcium, vitamin B6, magnesium, and zinc. Ethiopians have been eating this wild, nutty-flavored grain for thousands of years! Use it for pilafs, porridges, stews, vegan burgers, and additions to breads and other baked goods. Ground into a flour, Teff can be used to make the traditional Ethiopian bread Injure.

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