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Safely and effectively tackle unwanted body hair with Schick® Intuition® Sensitive Care® Razor Handle + 12 Cartridges. This all-in-one shaving set includes an easy-grip razor handle and multiple razor cartridges complete with wash-away shaving soap.

About Schick Intuition Sensitive Care Razor Handle + 12 Cartridges

This kit contains a comfort-grip razor handle and 12 disposable razor cartridges that easily attach to and detach from the sturdy handle. With Schick Intuition, you never have to use shaving cream, gel or body wash to shave your skin again. Its cartridges are built with a Skin Conditioning Solid that serves as the shave gel and slowly wears away, like bar soap, over time. The three-blade shaving head not only provides a safe and effective shave but automatically adjusts to the level of the Skin Conditioning Solid. Once the Solid is worn away, toss away the cartridge and affix a new one.

How Does Schick Intuition Help My Sensitive Skin?

The Intuition razor’s Skin Conditioning Solid is specially designed for those with sensitive skin. Its infused with naturally nourishing shea butter and unique moisture ribbons that help keep skin hydrated while also preventing cuts and razor burn. The shaving soap Solid is also fragrance-free since fragrance chemicals often give sensitive skin a bad reaction. In one step it prepares skin for shaving and protects it from irritants caused by other shave creams and razors.

Are Schick Intuition Sensitive Care Razor Handle + 12 Cartridges Convenient?

Yes! With the Schick Intuition shaving system, you can easily lather and shave in one step. There is no need to grab a bottle of shave cream and rub it all over your skin when you use Intuition razor blades since the Skin Conditioning Solid does the job of shave gel. The razor also has a lightweight handle and pivoting head to easily allow for precise shaving. On top of that, the Intuition shaver comes with a waterproof tub so you can easily store cartridges in the shower while protecting them from shower spray.

  • 12 all-in-one cartridges
  • Triple blade shaving head self-adjusts to the level of Skin Conditioning Solid
  • Skin conditioning solid with Shea Butter lathers and provides extra moisture for a smooth shave
  • Moisture rich with Shea Butter
  • Enhanced pivoting head glides smoothly over curves
  • Sleek, light and comfortable handle
  • All Intuition cartridges are interchangeable, but enhanced pivoting works only when Intuition Plus handle is used with Plus cartridge
  • Lathers and shaves in one easy step while providing moisture to your skin
  • For sensitive skin
  • Fragrance free
  • All-in-one cartridges are individually protected in a waterproof tub for storage in the shower
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