ProForce Commercial 45-50 gal. Trash Bags (220 ct.)

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Member’s Mark® 45-50 Gallon Commercial Trash Bags makes removing lightweight and bulky garbage more manageable. These clear garbage bags can be used at homes and a range of businesses that tend to change out their garbage frequently.

Member’s Mark 45-50 Gallon Commercial Trash Bags Specifics

This package contains 10 rolls of 22 bags, for a total of 220 bags that are meant for frequent garbage changes at home or work. The bags are designed for easy storage. Each trash bag holds 45-50 gallons of refuse and has a One-by-One® mechanism that makes dispensation easy and fast.

Unexpected Uses for These Clear Garbage Bags

Although they are great for hauling out a range of bulky lightweight refuse, it may surprise you that these quality trash bags can serve other unique purposes. Getting ready to move? Line boxes with these trash bags before putting in your personal items, carefully seal the bag and the top of the box and your items will be safe even in the rain. If you are working outdoors, use these trash bags to wrap around your footwear, one on each foot, to keep shoes dry and free of debris. Into camping? Wrap your sleeping bag in one of these trash bags to keep the sleeping bag dry and insulated. People have even used trash bags to make makeshift tents. The durability and versatility of these large garbage bags help them serve a variety of every day and less-common uses.

  • 10 rolls of 22 bags (220 total)
  • Clear high density
  • 45-50 gallon
  • 40″ W x 48″ H
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