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Make kitchen tasks easier with this large roll of Member’s Mark™ Foodservice Film (18″ x 3,000′). With a large width to cover even bigger containers, like mixing bowls when allowing homemade bread dough to rise and long enough to last for months, this high-quality plastic film is durable enough to withstand tears and get the job done. Use this food packaging plastic film at restaurants, catering services or even at home for ambitious culinary adventures.

What’s the Best Way to Tear Plastic Wrap?

While this foodservice film roll is durable enough to withstand many instances where other plastic wraps would rip and tear, it’s still a smart idea to ensure you’re rolling and tearing your plastic wrap properly. Our first tip is to pull the end of the plastic wrap out slowly. Rushing may cause the film to cling onto itself. Next, pull upwards at a forty-five degree angle so that the foodservice film roll turns smoothly. And lastly, if your plastic film roll includes the holes on the sides that secure the roll in place, punch those in. Another tip for securing the roll is using large rolls, like Member’s Mark Foodservice Film, because the weight of the roll will keep it steady.

How Can I This Use Foodservice Film Roll in the Kitchen?

Covering bowls isn’t the only use for plastic wrap. Here are a few ways to use this high-quality food film in the kitchen:

  • Use plastic wrap instead of plastic bags when wrapping up sandwiches, potato chips and other goodies for your kids’ school lunch
  • Keep leftovers or already-cut fruit and vegetables fresh by wrapping them tightly in plastic wrap and placing in the refrigerator or your refrigerator’s crisper.
  • Line kitchen counters, refrigerator shelves or even craft stations with plastic wrap. Whenever a spill or mess occurs, simply remove the plastic wrap liner for fuss-free cleanup.
  • Out of plastic bags and trying to marinade a protein? Use this durable plastic wrap to hold in your meat and sauce when marinading chicken or fish.
Can I This Use Foodservice Film Roll Out of the Kitchen?

Tackling the toughest everyday culinary tasks isn’t the only use for this foodservice film roll. Here are a couple ways to use this high-quality food film outside of your kitchen:

  • Place plastic wrap under the lids of toiletry items, like shampoo and lotion, while traveling by plane so that your liquids don’t spill, even in high altitudes.
  • Use high-quality plastic wrap while moving to keep items together and easily found, like silverware, jewelry and even cleaning tools like mops and brooms.

  • 18″ x 3000′
  • Kosher
  • Perfect for caterers and restaurants
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