Wise Emergency Supply with Food, Fuel and Water (3 months)

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Wise Company takes an innovative approach in providing dependable, simple and affordable ready-made, freeze-dried and dehydrated food for emergency preparedness and outdoor use.

Wise is the highest rated one year food supply, completely made in the U.S. Wise offers a 25 year shelf life and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Sturdy plastic buckets are lightweight so they're perfect for daily home use and easy to move in an emergency. All food is packaged in nitrogen-purged mylar pouches. No cooking is required; just add water. Hot water will absorb in about 15 minutes; cold water will take 30 minutes.

In addition to giving you the best in food supply, Wise includes a portable water filter in this supply. The water filtration bottle removes 99.99% of all pollutants for 100 gallons of water. With Wise, you will get the highest quality emergency food storage at the best price. You never pay more, you just get more.


  • Creamy Pasta and Vegetable Rotini (4 servings)
  • Savory Stroganoff (4 servings)
  • Tomato Basil Soup with Pasta (4 servings)
  • Southwest Beans and Rice (8 servings)
  • Chicken Flavored Noodle Soup (4 servings)
  • Potatoes & Chicken Flavored Pot Pie (4 servings)
  • BBQ beans (8 Servings) Rice Pilaf (8 servings)
  • Brown Sugar and Maple Multi-Grain (12 servings)
  • Apple Cinnamon Cereal (12 servings)
  • Crunchy Granola (4 servings)
  • Orange Delight Drink Mix (12 servings)
  • Whey Milk Alternative (28 servings)
  • 25 year shelf life
  • Seychelle Water Filtration Bottle 28 oz.—removes 99.99% of pollutants for 100 gallons of water
  • 1 gallon Wise Fire (fuel and heat source)
  • Perfect choice for people, food, and the environment
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Safe to store
  • Easy to light—burns in wind, rain, sleet or snow

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