Rainbow Nerds Rope (0.92 oz., 24 ct.)


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Combine food and fun with Rainbow Nerds® Rope. This soft and chewy candy comes in a pack of 24, providing plenty of sweets for an individual or group. The tiny, crunchy Nerds are always a crowd pleaser and the gummy, candy rope makes them that much more fun!

How Long is each Rainbow Nerds Rope?

Each Nerds Rope candy measures about 10 inches in length. They combine the classic Nerds candy everyone loves with a delicious rope of cherry licorice.

What is Underneath the Nerd Candies?

While you shouldn’t usually play with your food, you can’t help it with this rainbow rope candy. The soft, chewy texture lets you twist and pull while snacking away on the crunchy nerds and sweet licorice. Each Wonka Nerds rope is individual wrapped, making them easy to pack for a snack while you’re on the go. The Nerds candies easily come off the rope, so you can save them for later or enjoy them together. Whether you like to eat the Nerds first or the licorice first, it’s up to you!

Snacking Made Fun

The Rainbow Nerds Rope are bright with rainbow colors, providing a unique and fun appearance. Better yet, they are fat free and low calorie with only 90 calories per rope.

24 Wonka Ropes to Enjoy

Each pack includes a display box of 24 Wonka Ropes designed to display the candy wherever you place it. You will have more than enough to pack in lunches, concession stand or stock in your convenience store. Each pack weighs only 1.38 pounds, making them easy to store and carry.

Who Makes the Rainbow Nerds Rope?

Rainbow Nerds Ropes are made by Wonka. The Willy Wonka Candy Company is owned by Nestle and was inspired by the children’s classic novel, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

  • 24 count – 0.92 ounces each
  • Display box ready for resale
  • Net weight: 1.38 pounds (22.08 ounces)
  • Display box allows you to resale the Rainbow Nerds Rope for profit or charity
  • Only 90 calories and no fat
  • Detachable Nerds candies
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