Gatorade Fierce Variety Pack (20oz / 24pk)


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Gatorade Fierce Variety Pack is made up of the best crossover Fierce flavors yet. You may have thought crossovers only belonged on the basketball court, but you’d be wrong. Each of these Gatorade sports bottles combines two great tastes into one. Each one is packed to the brim with Fierce flavors like Lemon Lime/Strawberry, Orange/Tropical Fruit and Fruit Punch/Berry

Are Two Gatorade Flavors Better Than One?

You bet they are. By themselves, these have been some of the most popular flavors Gatorade Fierce has to offer. The only way to make them better is to pack every 20 oz Gatorade bottle with two flavors that go together like basketballs and slam dunks. These aren’t the usual flavors you’re used to, which is why they are called Gatorade Fierce.

What’s The Best Drink For Athletes?

Gatorade has been specially created to replenish electrolytes and restore carbohydrates that get lost when you’re working your hardest. It doesn’t matter which Gatorade flavor you choose. They all might taste different but each one has the same power to get you refueled and back in the game.

What’s Your Favorite Gatorade Fierce Flavor?

Is it Lemon Lime/Strawberry, with its tart start and sweet finish? How about Fruit Punch/Berry? It gives you a light and crisp flavor with every sip you take. Or maybe it’s the deliciously invigorating Orange/Tropical Fruit that comes with a little taste of the beach. Maybe you don’t have a favorite, and that’s fine too. All the more reason to get a Gatorade variety pack so you can enjoy every flavor equally, or share with your friends who just have to have their favorite.

  • 24 bottles – 20 fluid ounces each
  • Fierce flavors included:
    • Fierce Lemon Lime + Strawberry (8 count)
    • Fruit Punch + Berry (8 count)
    • Orange + Tropical Fruit (8 count)
  • Net volume: 14.2 Liters (480 fluid ounces)

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United States

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  • 17.6″ x 11.8″ x 8″
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