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The new Smarty Pets Ultra Electronic Fence System brings you the most advanced electronic dog containment fence made with a rechargeable collar that saves money because you never need to purchase replacement batteries. The multifunction collars also operate optional, pet-activated accessories including Smarty Pets automatic pet doors, Smarty Pets Indoor and Outdoor Sonic Fences and Smarty Pets Electronic Scat Pad.

Other important features of the Smarty Pets Ultra System include Smarty Pets auto adjusting progressive stimulus for the fastest, most humane training. This technology applies corrective shock stimulus in short bursts that become more rapid as your dog moves closer to the boundary wire. No need to adjust levels or zones – stimulus is automatic and self-adjusting to the exact amount needed to make your dog stop at the boundary and retreat. This is also the most effective way to prevent your dog from attempting to run through the boundary.

The rechargeable collars are fully waterproof and feature an ultra-slim, ultra-light, ultra-comfortable design with an attractive, high-strength molded strap. The collars also feature an external audio speaker that produces extra loud training tones for quicker boundary training. Other advanced features include a built-in battery and stimulus tester and solid copper stimulus probes.

The Smarty Pets Ultra Fence System also includes custom engineered, wire which is thicker overall and stronger than even heavy-duty 18-gauge burial-grade wire. Its special high-strength coating is resistant to sunlight, moisture and ground rot. Its extremely high pull-strength reduces wire breaks.

The user-friendly transmitter features a waterproof housing for mounting indoors or outdoors. It features an all-digital, coded radio signal for precise boundary control with no false triggers from environmental radio waves. It also features a fully-illuminated user control panel, audible and visual wire break alarms, super accurate field width control and a power boost switch for large yards. This allows the system to cover up to 50 acres! Quick connect wire terminals make connecting the boundary wire a snap. The transmitter is fully water sealed for indoor or outdoor mounting.

Complete kit comes with everything you need for a basic 2-dog electronic fence installation including 2 Collars, Transmitter, Wire, Splices, Flags, Mounting Hardware and Complete Instruction and training Manual.




  • Exclusive Sam's Club Smarty Pets features advanced technology for the most secure and humane pet containment
  • Uses both sound and shock stimulus to quickly train your dog to stay within the boundary defined by an in-ground wire set around your property
  • The Smarty Pets graduating stimulus system delivers shock stimulus in quick, bursts and automatically adjusts stimulus intensity based upon your dog's distance from the boundary. This keeps 3 dogs reliably contained without unnecessary over-stimulation
  • The heavy duty fence wire is made especially for underground fences, giving you a reliable, rugged wire that you can depend on
  • Advanced Transmitter has optional, rechargeable battery back-up (SP-PB-12-08)
  • Comes complete with Base station transmitter, AC adapter for transmitter, 3 Rechargeable, multifunction collars, Short hair collar probes, Long hair collar probes, Collar charger, AC adapter for charger, 500 ft. extra heavy-duty wire, 3 wire splices, Mounting hardware, and complete installation and training manual


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