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What we really do?

AD International Trading LLC is re-selling and distributing very high quality and high demand products, plus providing very professional customer service for our all customers in USA. We have more than 10,000 items  on sale for all categories all over the online market places just for you.

Our Vision

We have our own fulfillment center, all transactions are completed successfully, securely and always on time. We are always working with high quality brands & suppliers who always support us with very large inventory and products.We are planning to extend our beauty and healthy categories on all platforms to reach out more. Our professionally organized and planned inventory and very educated customer consultants in our fulfillment center just here for your shopping needs.

History of Beginning

You can always check our background where we have started such as ebay and Amazon. We would like to thank our more then 20 thousands of happy customer. Because they thank us buy giving %99.7 positive feedback.